Dean Sabatinelli's Drag Racing days


I met Dean at Gainesville Raceway when he first started Drag Racing on his ZRX11


PHDean (Dean earned his PHD in Brain Science) and quicky beacme a good "Racer"

Left to Right... Me, Dean, Cindy Merrilees, John Upthegrove, Jay Merrilees


Next...I helped Dean build his first motor...

Carrillo Rods, 1109cc Pistons, 6-speed Undercut Trans.


After running in the high 9-second range in the 1/4-mile for a while

Dean decided to go with the SPRAY

The bike evolved over many months into the above...

Muzzys sponsored Dean with this rare Sidewinder exhaust!!! on links below...MASTERFUL riding on 2nd video

Dean with Nitrous before the Dry Sump Oiling and Sidewinder Exhaust

Dean: puts feet on pegs, slid back on seat and shifted 4th gear ALL with front wheel UP


Tracy the owner of Speed Fab in Orange Park,FL helped Dean build the Dry Sump Oiling System. Tracy also built Dean's Turbo Plenum and Charge Tube (HINT)


One more...what a sweet looking bike...

By the way...that's my 2003 ZRX when I first got it in the background... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.